Anxiety, that feeling of fear and panic, bridled by uncertainty has such crippling effects that go beyond the limits of age; however, its effects in youth is so disheartening especially when the victim fails to rise above it and live to the fullness of his or her potential.

While it is generally accepted to be a
normal experience by all, anxiety could initiate stress that makes daily life difficult.

The life of the youth is riddled with various situations has could stir up these feelings ranging from Bullying, Exams, Peer pressure, Family conflicts or a desire to live up to ‘certain’ expectations. Whatever the case may be it had the ability to rob one of their full potentials and must be handled with the right attitude.

At Insight4livin we understand that ‘Paradigm’ is critical and this is further enforced by knowledge, hence we engage our youth with the information they require to appreciate themselves, their capacity and to broaden their perception of critical issues in life. There will always be situations in life that challenge the status quo and their ability to interprete and respond intelligently goes a long way in developing their personality in the leaders we crave for a thriving economy tomorrow and beyond. They must acknowledge that no situation is beyond them and like we strongly believe at Insight4livin, ‘Problems gravitate towards their solution’.

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