All you need do is take a look around you, its everywhere, right from the structures of houses to the models of cars, the new brands of fragrances and watches even down to the very shoes we put on our feet; we live in a society that promotes Materialism and we either consciously or unconsciously perpetuate this malady by encouraging bad habits in our youth. It’s not unusual for kids to crave for things especially when it’s trending amongst their age group however the responsibility of establishing restraint isn’t one a child could be easily burdened with at their age as they may lack the immediate capacity to do so. There must be accompanying guidance to instil the ideology that the true measure of happiness and satisfaction can NEVER be found in the abundance of your possessions.

At Insight4livin we understand that as adults, while we bear the larger percentage of the financial responsibility for our youth ranging from basic needs to their ‘wants’, we must also realise that the paradigm of getting ‘anything you want, when you want it’is one we must not encourage in our children. Hence we have enlightening and educational sessions with our youth, tailored to tickle their fancy. The importance of prioritisation is something that even a 4year old can relate to in his own way, that child knows that he can’t eat his ice cream and play in the pool at the same time, he’ll either choose the pool first of sit and enjoy the ice cream. In just the same way, that one will decide between a cultist and elite groups, between ‘arms’ and the ‘pen’, violence or peace, diplomacy or war. The list is endless.

A young and developing mind who’s armed with the concept of placing ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ in the right order will excel in every ramification of life. Only then can we be assured of their ability to make the right choices in life and even as they take up critical political decisions in governmental corridors, this seemingly ‘basic tool’ presents itself as very handy in ensuring we have a thriving economy.

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