Obesity in Children

” I am Am just chubby, not fat”, ”I need to eat to feel good”, just a few of the deceptive ideologies that cloak the minds of our youth today as they drown themselves in the ever intoxicating world of Sodas, Pizzas and Turkey.

Our kids are getting fatter and fatter. Studies show that an uncomfortably huge percentage of our kids are obese. Internet, Video games, and the availability of fast food even on home delivery create the conducive environment for them to culture this habits where they just ‘eat’ and add unhealthy weight which has devastating health effects. They would rather do this than have fun outside, run and play energy consuming games which positively contribute to their well being both physically and emotionally. Truly this sedentary lifestyle has dire consequences.

Issues ranging from depression to high blood pressure and diabetes all stem from this. Kids also find themselves faced with the disheartening challenge of ridicule from their friend and classmates due to their overweight bodies and this, in turn, has negative psychological effects.

Insight4livin engages the youth in fun activities, specially organised for relevant age groups and geared toward ensuring our youth are physically active just as we aim to keep their minds active also. Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly across the country we come up with various programmes to reach out to these ones. Inculcate in them the right attitude to exercise, good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. It cannot be overemphasised that ‘healthy people contribute greatly to a healthy society’.

It’s our firm conviction that sports and physical activities contribute greatly to their minds and its ability to assimilate, process and project excellent ideas that will stay us on the forward trajectory as a nation.

Join us today to get the hearts pumping and our young minds working. Remember ‘Health is Wealth’.

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