Socially Dangerous?

Changing Times Indeed!

Fast forward to a new ‘era’ and all its amazing what ease technology has delivered to society. The world has become a ‘global village’, especially through Social media platforms where we practically live in each other’s rooms if we so desire through our devices, ipads and laptops. The world now on your palm.

A simple ‘video call’ on most social media platforms replaces the letter and stamp, and the physical library though still very well existent has lost its dominance.
The excellence at which the youth have embraced the use of technology makes the adults who are still reeling to ‘come to terms with it’ probably embarrassed. Hahaha..what a change! Good? Bad? What do you think?

Well for some, Technology has brought along with its excellence, extreme consequences for our youth when not properly monitored. The exposure to pornography, paedophiles, as well as cyber-bullying amongst other ills, now makes parents probably cringe at the idea of a child alone in a dark room on his/her device.

Records show an alarming rate of addiction to pornography among youths, death by suicide via cyber-bullying continues to increase yearly and our youth are getting dangerously exposed(literally) to strangers miles away behind closed doors.

Information properly managed, however, ensures that our youth are empowered to make the right decisions and cultivate the right habits in the use of technology.

At Insight4livin we thrive on the delivery of knowledge to our youth, working with other educational institutions we tirelessly organise seminars and workshops where we empower our youth with tools required to determine their own destinies through the information they expose themselves to and the influences they accept and propagate.

An emotionally balanced youth socially is a huge asset to our society and we all must work together to protect them from the dangers of technology so they can truly excel on its advantages which are of course, innumerable. Keep it real @Insight4Livin

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