About Us

Today Young People are our future, by ‘our’ I mean you and I. We, the society need their unique and unquestionable spark and energy, they show us a future full of hope. The possibility of a better world.

Insight4livin lights up the youths capabilities by unlocking their hidden potentials. Providing opportunities and dependable work support benefiting them and the community they live.

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Welcome to Insight For Living

  • Vision

    We adopt several inclusive and engagement strategies to include one to one or group mentoring of young people. We seek to develop their innate potential and enable them to maximize their potential for development of a better world. Young people have potentials. We identify, develop and maximise their potentials for their overall benefit.

  • Our Purpose

    Locating Needs

    It’s a somewhat impossible task to deny Society’s need for the spark and energy young people / the youth provide; yet challenges such as complex issue, abuse of different forms are amongst other challenges the youth face today. The possibility of lighting up our world is therefore at high risk.

    There’s a need for the media, businesses, the police and health authorities to connect effectively with our youth. Hinting at the sad possibility of a waste of human potential.

  • Our Role

    We’ve burdened ourselves with the role of developing self-confidence in young people. Enabling them to believe in themselves as they prepare for life challenges.

    Youth work is about providing them with the ‘soft’ skills they require to function (live, learn and work) successfully with others. Resilience and character building is vital to achieving this.

    The challenges and resultant choices facing young people get even more demanding daily with little or no sufficient public funding to support them available. There’s urgent need to employ better and more inventive ways to empower young people.

  • The How

    Professionalizing youth work – improvement of the methodology of youth work practice through constant research and Innovation, developing and utilising effective tools like music, Offering of training to young people, driving training towards accreditation for professional development.

    Enablement of youth- Practicality. Making it happen through available the network of youth work providers. Innovative funding arrangements with commercial and public sector partners.