Responsibility, most commonly referred to as the ‘State of having something to deal with or a situation to take accountability for’ is a term most adults are familiar with; either falling on side of the divide or the other. However the reality of which side this is, the ‘responsible’ or ‘irresponsible’ could easily be traced back to values entrenched in the heart of that individual from his/her youth.

Simply put, Responsibility is ‘the ability to respond’. This simple character defines the trajectory on which every individual will go in life. It is critical as a foundation for our youth. That being said, teaching responsibility could be one of the hardest things to do. Effectively transitioning the young at heart from being totally dependent to being responsible for specific things must be managed wisely.

In truth, responsibility in itself establishes a sense of maturity and self-reliance that brings out the best in anyone but for the youth to appreciate this, it must be perceived the right way; as a privilege rather than a burden. The older Sibling, for example, could begin to learn that he’s a vital part of the younger one who looks up to and adores him and one day should be proud that he’s been able to impact albeit ‘positively’.

At Insight4livin it’s our watchword to raise responsible and dependable youth for the benefit of society. A character which we daily teach and inculcate in our youth, through their daily relationships, training sessions and practical situations where they are held accountable for diverse tasks and rewarded accordingly. Its vital to make the youth see Responsibility as a privilege rather than a burden. This way, we’ll have a beautiful society, where each person views himself as vital to its development and ‘Responsible’ for its success.

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